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010 Rotterdam Economie & Duurzaamheid - In de serie Innovative Cities besteedt CNN aandacht aan de Nederlandse strijd tegen het water. Het item is te zien op donderdag 29 maart om 9.30 uur en online: “How Rotterdam has learned to cope with rising seas.”

In het programma komen Marc Walraven (I-Storm) en watermanagement expert Frans van de Ven aan het woord. In het Engelse persbericht wordt het programma toegelicht:


-- In a report for Innovative Cities, CNN examines how the Netherlands continues to develop and adapt to the risks of flooding, with people coming from all over the world to learn water management from the Dutch.

CNN speaks to urban water management expert Frans Van De Ven, who explains that multifunctionality is key, with the Dutch utilising everything from vast water barriers to underground car parks designed to serve as a reservoir if required.

“The Netherlands is the safest delta in the world.” states Van De Ven “The flood protection levels we use here are way beyond the flood protection levels being used elsewhere in the world… In the past we would push the water away, protecting ourselves from the water, but nowadays, we see water as a resource and living with water brings benefits rather than threats.”

Many of these innovations originate from the Great Flood of 1953, which was a turning point in the nation’s philosophy towards flooding. The disaster killed more than 1,800 people and led to dams being rebuild along with constructing the Maeslant Barrier, which rests by the port of Rotterdam.

With many of these innovations now incorporated into the design of the city, the Netherlands continues to be the world leaders in water management, as Van De Ven stating he is surprised that 'other cities dare take the risk to be flooded'. --

Zie CNN's: Innovative Cities.

Economie & Duurzaamheid

Economie & Duurzaamheid

16 december 2018

Categorie Economie & Duurzaamheid op NLMagazine